Care & Crafts is a family based company, established by Mr.Vijoy Kumar Dugar in 1998 in Nepal. It’s his passion for Pashmina and a desire to establish a sustainable business that will support local craftsmen. Care & Crafts has been able to make a positive difference in the lives of numerous local families that possess outstanding craftsmanship… thanks to the skills that has been passed down through generations. Care & Crafts endeavour is to provide you guaranteed highest quality Chyangra Pashmina products of Nepal across the global markets.

 The greatest inspiration is Nepal itself …..

Care & Crafts works towards protecting the best-kept traditions of Nepal, blending it with contemporary trends and maintaining it via business link that is efficient, fair and eco-friendly. Great care is taken that no-one is harmed and the best practices are followed. But equally important is that Nepali communities are being empowered with stable forms of employment and valued customers are not being cheated. Care & Crafts maintains prompt and smooth process giving personalised attention to detail right from the order taken from customers till the final delivery of the consignment. Care & Crafts assures that the customers receive the genuine quality Pashmina products that cater to men, women and children.

Care & Crafts works to give its customers as much pleasure in owning and wearing their quality Pashmina designs, as they have in creating them.

“Care & Crafts …Sharing warmth in a little piece of luxury”.