Origin of Chyangra Pashmina dates back to ancient civilization. Pashmina has been popular with aristocracy in Southern Asia since the 15th century. Pashmina shawls found favour amongst royalty and the elite as the finest and the most luxurious wool in the world. It is to this day known as the ‘Fibre of the Kings ’. For a thousand years or more, this glorious wool has been prized for its warmth, lightness and durability.  Delicate and soft to touch, it caresses the skin.

It is interesting to note that Napoleon may have started the Pashmina fashion craze over 200 years ago when he presented a Pashmina shawl to his wife. She was so pleased with the shawl that she asked Napoleon to get more so she could share them with her fashionable society friends. Two hundred years later Pashmina remains an essential part of a fashionable wardrobe and popular gifts, attesting to the durability and widespread appeal of this classic accessory.