100% Pashmina

100% is the softest and delicate of all. In the 100% Pashmina, the Pashmina yarn is used in both ‘warp’ and ‘weft’ in the weaving. Different diameters of Pashmina yarns are used in warp & weft to produce a variety of weaves and products.

100 % Pashmina products are a “must have” luxury item for everybody’s wardrobe. The soft cozy touch that one feels from Pure Pashmina can be explained only by those who have experienced it. 100% Pashmina refers to the pure Pashmina wool with no silk blended in it. 100% Pashmina is a rather loose weave, extremely soft, with a puffy buttery feel. It has a softer fall, as compared with the heavier Silk blends. 100% Pashmina is not compatible for beading or embroidery work.