Silk Blended Pashmina

 To give shine and lustre, Pashmina is blended in various combinations with fine Silk. The warmth of Pashmina, the strength and lustre of Silk create a new lustrous and rich look. When weaving, the Silk yarn is placed in the ‘warp’ and Pashmina yarn is placed in the ‘weft’ for various combinations. The specification 70:30, 60:40, 55:45 denotes the ratio of Pashmina content to silk content by weight.

70:30 blends refers to products that have a mixture of 70% Pashmina wool and 30% silk. 70:30 blends is the international trend-setter, combining the warmth of Pashmina wool and the durability of silk. Due to the silk, which is much denser than the Pashmina, the blended shawls have a more elegant drape, and can support beading and embroidery. They also have a bit of sheen, and are not as likely to snag.

Silk Blended Pashmina comes in two varieties – yarn blended and woven blended. The yarn blended Pashmina is slightly expensive due to the intensive work involved.

70% Chyangra Pashmina and 30% silk is the most popular blend.