The International legal definition of Cashmere as published by CCMI ( Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturing Institute, founded in 1984 ) specifies ‘cashmere’ as the fine (dehaired) undercoat fibres produced by mountain goat ( Capra hircus laniger ),found in Kashmir ,India, generally non-medullated and has a mean maximum diameter of 19 microns, the co-efficient of variation around the mean shall not exceed 24% and there can be no more than 3 % (by weight of Cashmere fibres over 30 microns).

Although Pashmina is also called Cashmere, the exclusivity of “Chyangra Pashmina” over Cashmere is that, it is much finer i.e., less than 17.5 microns in diameter whereas Cashmere fibres are 19 microns.